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Chapeau, @TimeOutTokyo!

It is way too early for any concluding summary or evaluation of what is happening in Japan. But there is one bunch (?) of people that (in my opinion) would class high among those who deserve a prize or an award. These people are those that twitter with the account of @TimeOutTokyo — originally a magazine dedicated to reports on Tokyo’s restaurants, bars and discos, but now permanently involved in sharing valuable information with people in Tokyo, e.g.:

  1. where to go in case you only speak English and need help, or what kind of help is needed,
  2. where to go in case you want to provide help (and what kind of help — work, clothes, food, power, or other donations — actually is needed)
  3. where residents can find information about power outage schedules,
  4. where commuters can go when they have no place to stay,
  5. and by spreading what media and government are announcing regarding the nuclear power plants and other areas in Japan.

Thank you, TimeOutTokyo, for doing this. I am sure you are a great help to many people right now. Keep up the good work. ありがとう.

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Tokyo Diaries #2 — Animal worries

Been to the Zoo. In fact, I expected more, maybe because I am used to such beautiful zoos as Berlin Tiergarten or the even more impressive Hannover Zoo. Ueno Zoo is rather small, it only has some animals, and quite a lot of them were local ones.

But what shocked me even more was the condition of some of the animals. An elephant lady stood in a corner, head towards an exit that had been chained off, and she did nothing but move her head around using always exactly the same path—something like a turned eight.

I watched her while I ate my lunch (which was for a long time, considering the fact that I never ate a whole noodle dish with chopsticks before with a dozen of Japanese people watching me suspiciously). She did not do anything else. I wish I could have helped her.

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Tokyo Diaries #1

Arrived in Japan. I am sitting on an abandoned platform of one of the many railway services at Narita Airport. My train leaves at 10:39—enough time to read my travel guides. By the way: I decided to go to Ueno first, since I can’t check in before 3pm. But there should be plenty to do at Ueno (to be more concise, at Ueno Park) even with my luggage: the pagode, the Tosho Gu Shrine, and maybe there is a place where I can leave my luggage, and then I can also see the zoo (pandas!) or the museum.

I like it here already.

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