The Beauty of Slowness

Yesterday I discovered SoundCloud, and I found the most impressive tracks there: Versions of popular music that had been slowed down heavily, which led to a totally different impression — you simply are not able to recognize the original piece anymore. These are the Jurassic Park Theme, allegedly 1000% slower, and The Aquarium from Saint-Saëns‹ »Carnival of the Animals«, 8 times slower.

This music has an unbelievably calming, soothing effect, and it  impressed be so much that I tried to create my own slowdown music. I took Paulstretch and aptitude and slowed down different pieces from Mozart, freely available at the famous »Mozart-Archiv im Turm«. Of these newly created pieces, the »Recordare« from the Requiem impressed me the most. You can listen to my version by clicking the »play« button below, but you also should be provided with an option for download:

Mozart Requiem Recordare 30x slower by pmenke

Other pieces will follow — maybe you have suggestions, especially from Mozart’s œuvre, since the whole lot is available for free. 😉

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