Gendergedöns™ im Silmarillion

Ich erwähnte es schon bei Twitter und Facebook — hier nun noch einmal das genaue Zitat, das mich erstaunte — Gendergedöns™ hätte ich bei Tolkien eher weniger vermutet.

Therefore the Valar may walk, if they will, unclad, and then even the Eldar cannot clearly perceive them, though they be present. But when they desire to clothe themselves the Valar take upon them forms some as of male and some as of female; for that difference of temper they had even from their beginning, and it is but bodied forth in the choice of each, not made by the choice, even as with us male and female may be shown by the raiment but is not made thereby.

Tolkien: The Silmarillion. Ainulindalë.

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